The Uc browser is a mobile browser. originally launched in April 2004. only for java application. this time is available for Android, Windows, Symbian, Java. A popular mobile web company is Alibaba group holding limited paid more than 1 billion dollars. a Canadian group said on Thursday – Chinese and Englisch language ofis made easily to search the web is mobile customers. and it was also available for third party identity available like searches and location etc.

This privacy is at risk for users. who using the UC because this privacy to allow the data traffic and usually access in your browser. and the data is Identify the customers.  who is using this application UC browser has more than 500 million registers users. this browser is the most popular browser in china and India.

Citizen lab said- Chinese versions are more vulnerable in comparison of it was indirect to blamed UC browser web company. and the data is used against them like authorities, criminals, and other third parties.



Android is most popular platforms in using the web.


UC browser was launched in India 2010 for ios database.

Windows Phone

UC browser was launched in 2012 for windows phone.


Uc Browser beta version is now available for windows.