You May soon have to pay for WhatsApp.

Telecom companies’ revenue to protect domestic calls with a DoT panel siding, over-the-top players like WhatsApp paid over Internet phone services will have to tweak their business models by introducing, credit rating firm Ind Ra says.

“OTT players, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) will be taken to end customers, who will have to roll out services in different packages for India Ratings & Research said in a note today.” Such WhatsApp, WeChat , and increased as the difference between the players messaging and VoIP product offerings will have to tweak their business model, “it said.

Last month, a government panel on net neutrality by telecom operators put on par with the services offered by Skype, WhatsApp and Viber apps based on the Internet was proposed regulation of domestic calls.

“Voice over Internet Protocol is only to regulate the domestic callers Committee recommends DOT (VoIP) service providers, telecom service providers voice revenue (TSPs) with the aim of protecting the” Ind-Ra said.

Traditional voice calls per minute than 6 money for telcos revenue of 25 cents per minute, it OTTs messaging services already offered by the companies emphasized that the SMS revenue has weakened. The recent decline in the voice average revenue per user, even if the voice services still command 50 percent of revenues for telecom companies said.

Voice ARPU (average revenue per user) in the same year, 71.7 per month in July-December 2014 stood at 68.3 per month, it said. VoIP phone for pick-up at the relatively slow bandwidth issues has been one of the reasons, but the imminent launch of high-speed 4G services can be a threat and more consumers prefer to switch to VoIP you, the agency said.

After fierce debate over net neutrality in India established the Committee of Telecom, Department recommendations, criticism came from various industry bodies. IT industry lobby Nasscom would lead to a violation of privacy alone, said the regulation of domestic Internet call service and it will be difficult to monitor compliance.

DoT’s committee, however, no regulation to support international VoIP calls. Telecommunications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad panel was established by him, even though it does not represent a recommendation that the government has meanwhile. Report to the government and public opinion after considering the recommendation of the telecom regulator TRAI will firm your idea is in the public domain for comment until 15