Three years of Nirbhaya rape: No justice or not stopped animalism

In today’s day Nirbhaya gang rape in Delhi today, three years have passed. Nirbhaya on the third anniversary of the family said we could not do justice to Damini. Three years have passed since the accused was not executed. There have been many such incidents in Delhi not only India which Nirbhaya rape sad memories are fresh. After the incident, the women were assured that they will be safe. But three years later, these figures are telling something to say.

 Rape problem Here I defend my Diplomat

In 2013, while in 2012, were 756 incidents of rape in 1636, 2014, 2166, and October 2015 of rape has reached the charts in 1856. Three years later, women are afraid to get out of the house alone. Even those with no family at night if there is a fear. Among the many girls in recent Damini with similar cases of torture and animalism. Today we’re telling you when the phenomenon that was inhuman, his Charat.