Narendra Modi: Humanity and the environment need to back The lost balance.

Summit on Climate Change held in Paris on the occasion of the opening of the pavilion, the Indian Prime Minister addressing the gathering, the leaders called for all countries and that humanity and the environment, lost in the need to return to balance. He said the world must take seriously the matter immediately.

He said that we should be concerned of its glaciers. The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the Paris Summit must get some solution to this problem. The Prime Minister said that the decision will also impact on our growth. We expect an equal and permanent agreement.

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He also said that Mahatma Gandhi had said that everyone in the world needs could be met, but not greed. The Prime Minister said that 40 percent of our energy needs from renewable energy by 2030 will be fulfilled.

Noting that climate change is a major global challenge Prime Minister said Monday that to limit global warming comprehensive, equitable and sustainable world for a compromise agreement on urgent, assuming it would work.
In a frank speech on the sidelines of the UN Climate Change Conference Modi also advocate lifestyle changes to reduce the burden on the land. He said some of the lifestyle opportunities for developing countries should not end.
Modi greenhouse gas emissions, India’s commitment to fighting the Indian pavilion featuring a special opening on the site of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, said, “Climate change is a major global challenge. But it is not our made”.

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Describing the importance of the result from the conference said, “We want the world to act on urgent basis. We are in Paris for a comprehensive, just and long term would compromise”. The Prime Minister in his speech and “Financial Express, the newspaper wrote an article in Monday’s edition minded the part in both stressed the need for lifestyle changes.

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He told the audience in the pavilion, “and, I’d called for a change in lifestyle, so we can reduce the burden on its territory. Sustainable success of our efforts will depend on how we live and think”. He wrote in his article, “The lifestyle of some of those countries should not eliminate the opportunity for growth is still on the first rungs of the ladder are on”.

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The Prime Minister warned that if the developed countries to reduce the emission burden on developing countries like India put it “morally wrong” and progress of our economies to developing countries for carbon combustion is right. He said India’s progress is the right of our people and our destiny. But we should lead in fighting climate change.

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Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar pavilion with the Indian prime minister visited the various stalls and later released a book on environmental protection. Javadekar said, “Our pavilion demonstrates our commitment to fight climate change”. In the pavilion will showcase films on adaptation measures adopted by India.

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Officials constantly on the screen about 40 films will continue, which will optimize nearly 21 GB of information. The visitors to the touch screen information in this regard have also been installed in four regions of the country in which the adoption, adaptation measures, including protection of Prwalbitti in the Gulf of Mannar, the protection of glaciers in Ladakh, summer action plan in Ahmedabad Included.

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He said in his speech at the Indian pavilion that climate change caused by global warming, which is powered by fossil fuels has resulted from an industrial era of prosperity and progress.

He said India has not caused the problem of climate change, he also has to deal with its consequences, including the risk to farmers, climate change trends and intensity of natural disasters is involved.

He said the extent of the commitment of developed countries and their actions must be consistent with the strength of the carbon space.

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Climate Change Conference “Historic”, the PM said that India’s future as a conference is very important. “The developed countries with people living between aspiration and expectation must share resources and technology. It also means that the developing world on its development path will try to leave the impression with a light carbon.

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The Prime Minister said, “We want the world to match the resolution of the efforts to create the conditions in which we can be successful. Our challenge and are due, so essential to our efforts should be on the level”. The conference at the end of the agreement must restore the balance between humanity and nature. What is inherited and what we leave to us, it must restore the balance between the too.

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He said, “This partnership will facilitate the choice and technology that have the potential to reduce our carbon emissions annually will reconcile”. The Prime Minister said that the Indian leadership on the environment in Stockholm in 1975 and 2009 in the corporate conference in Copenhagen at the conferences included the leaders of India and the Government’s approach.

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“It’s our national efforts are taking on a completely new level. And we are accelerating our international partnerships. So we have come to Paris with his commitment, but we also have to come up with hope”. On the occasion, he said, “We at the UN climate change negotiations under the framework of the agreement with the spirit of the partnership are the same and based on the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities should be. I’d called for a change in lifestyle, so we can reduce the burden on its territory. The long-term success of our efforts will depend on how we live and think”.