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Mumbai: Recently there was news that the actress Pooja Chopra adult comedy “The Great Grand Masti ‘have become part of the news that the filmmakers had with but now, after a dispute has been showing them a way out.
According to sources, “worship is going to be directed by Indra Kumar had taken place in the film fund and fund of Subaya was not aware of it until then, until this news was published in newspapers. No formal announcement from the makers of the film was not a dispute between manufacturers and has led worship and the worship was dropped. ” A source close to the film said, “Yes, it’s true that the funds in the Great Grand Masti was not told about the changes and when they read in the newspaper about worship, it took them a shock. Director Indra Kumar apologized by sending messages to the fund but things were out of control and was shown the way out of worship. “Pooja Chopra could not speak about it.

According to sources with the adult film makers called the Great grand fun to listen to because of the film was removed from worship. Source said, “to be directed by Indra Kumar worship in the film had taken place and fund of fund Subaya until then had not been aware of it until it was featured in the news Akbron, but formally from manufacturers over the lack of any information which led to a rift between worship and manufacturers worship was shown the way out”.

The second source also confirmed the Grand Great fun out of the fund was not aware of. And as soon Unhoneen read the news in the newspaper, he felt shock. Message from the director through the fund tried to apologize, but by then the case was out of hand. While not a statement about the matter from Puta.

Pooja Chopra Images.

pooja chopra pictures

pooja chopra images

pooja chopra images

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pooja chopra hot images