Narendra Modi inaugurated Paradip Oil Refinery

Narendra Modi, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) refinery built at a cost of Rs 34555 crore today dedicated to the nation. IOC once again it surpassed Reliance Industries to become the country’s largest refinery company.

One and a half million tonnes per annum Paradip refinery built in nearly 16 years has been completed. Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 24 May 2000, the IOC had laid the foundation stone of the ninth plant.

Paradip before the IOC’s eight refineries Jerod tons of crude oil refining capacity was 5.42. IOC through Paradeep RIL is left behind. Reliance Industries, whose two refineries at Jamnagar in Gujarat’s total refining capacity is 62 million tonnes.

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One of the nation’s largest oil firm IOC subsidiary Chennai Petroleum Corp Ltd. Which also operated a total refining capacity of 11.5 million tons refineries. Paradip refinery, about 140 km from Bhubaneswar, the world’s most modern refineries, which are cheap, high sulfur heavy crude oil processing can also.

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Officials said the annual 56 million tons of diesel, 37.9 million tons and 19.6 million tons of gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel will produce. 7.90 million tonnes and 12.1 million tonnes of LPG Besides Petkov also will produce.

Narendra Modi inaugurated Paradip Oil Refinery

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Officials said the refinery was built a big job. The 2.8 million tonnes of steel, which is used 30 Eiffel towers or the equivalent of about 350 Rajdhani trains. It has 11.6 million cubic meters of concreting, which is three times the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The 2,400 kilometers of pipes have been used, which is equal to the length of the river in a way. Inch diameter pipe from the Mercedes-Benz S 126 cars could pass.

The first shipment from the refinery on November 22 last year were off. The diesel, kerosene and LPG are included. Currently, India Paradip refinery will produce gasoline and diesel quality stage-four. It later auto fuel policy BS-six will produce fuel.

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And value addition in the refinery at a cost of Rs 3,150 crore in view of a polypropylene plant is underway. It is expected to be ready by 2017-18. The refinery at an estimated cost of Rs 3,800 crore Ethylene Recovery Unit-Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) is also planning to set up. The work of these units is expected to be completed by 2020-21. Parasailing refinery, PTA and evaluate options for the manufacture of such products as ethanol Synthetic running. If these began working on it in five to seven years to be fulfilled.