It is true that the software company behind the popular Truecaller applications, has launched a new application called the only true Messenger. You can expect from the name, to call this Truecaller what is expected to do for SMS is the application of an angel.

It is true that the Messenger application (for now only available in India) on Tuesday and the company’s other applications and Truedialler play like Truecaller Store was launched, Truemessenger a free application. This confirms your phone number using SMS, and that is done once, then you’re in.

Unsaved numbers just are replaced, where as, whose names are stored in the application of your contacts are displayed as usual people – like other SMS apps, Truemessenger you all posted messages on a List shows, and begins where the identity of the senders of messages with pictures available in a few moments to complete the names of the senders. The only distinguishing feature in the bottom corner of the picture a little “True” badge.


The sender’s name was second only accepting new messages from unknown numbers and are also instantly recognize – Truecaller app also works on how that makes sense.

A blog post, True Software co-founder and chief executive, in Alan Mamedi, Truemessenger is designed writes about how “every time you receive an email, the sender would not give any reference to numbers An IP address was just imagine the string. To his conversation. Now imagine that spam emails. The email gets frustrating as the increase in volume was not filtered, and automatically to your inbox was sent. “Truemessenger, post release, takes a phone number on the back of a real name to identify the power of the 150 million members Truecaller community uses.

In addition to this facility, Truemessenger application SMS application looks like a decent, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Inbox and Spam – – There are two main screen buttons at the bottom of the screen thanks to you can switch between, and you will not see messages in your inbox so you can repeat them easily marked as spam senders that can.truemessenger

Like other messaging apps on Android, you can set the default SMS application as Truemessenger, and the app to do just that at the first launch calls. Of course, as you well you can use the app without doing that.

Speaking to mark as spam, on the front there are several options available to you – you say, Myntra become blocked, all messages from a person number, a series of numbers (starting with 9999 like everything else) can block or a block name, regardless of the number of the company is using.

The design of the application itself, with a cheerful blue theme is very low and pleasing, and you quickly through Truemessenger settings can change the default messaging application, you want to return to your default application or Hangouts, that as well as easy.

As a messaging app, Truemessenger all important Czech box ticks, and its trademark feature works really well. You get a lot of spam messages, or save it to your contacts when it comes to the number of people that are just not very organized, this app will definitely be very helpful.