Jharkhand Education Minister Dr. Neera Yadav was kill APJ Abdul Kalam.

Ranchi (Hazaribagh): Jharkhand, former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was given as tribute to surviving. In the Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir state Hazaribagh artificial garland on the picture Cady Dr. Kalam added. In Indian society, it is tradition that the artificial garland statue or picture itself is just heavenly people are wearing or invasion. During the incident when the school on Monday to launch Smart Class Education Minister Dr Neera Yadav had reached Jharkhand.

Jharkhand reports to this effect were published in local newspapers that Education Minister Dr Neera Yadav, Dr Kalam gave as a tribute to surviving. Minister Neera Yadav after his explanation in this regard to the media. “In his written message sent to newspapers, Dr Neera Yadav, former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam invaluable asset of the country and millions of people are inspired Snet”. “He said that in Hazaribagh Kumhartoli Shishu Vidya Mandir on the occasion of the opening of the Smart Class picture of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was already wearing a rosary and Mundo was just told to Tilak. I had put a mark”.

Jharkhand Education Minister Dr Neera Yadav when you consider the master or his Pregnant, its worship and garlands are also garlanded. He said in his message that perhaps the organizers will have the same purpose. He wrote that Sri Ravi Shankar or other religious leader laid a wreath on his paintings to tradition.