Bereaved family members of 19-year old Tarishi Jain, mourned her death after she was killed, as the gunmen in an upscale bakery Holey Artisan took her hostage in Dhaka’s diplomatic zone on Friday. After taking the diners hostage, twenty individuals including Tarishi were killed.

Indian woman Tarishi Jain killed in Dhaka attack: Sushma Swaraj says the entire evening she was checking scenario.

“It is possible to recognize that this can be a challenging time as we’ve lost our kid. It is a stupid action. What is happening?

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj affirmed that 19-year old Tarishi, Indian was killed during the assault.

“We need to reach Dhaka at the first. There isn’t anyone over there except the mother and dad of Tarishi. The External Affairs Ministry is not rather unhelpful. They are arranging our visas.

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He included that she went to study for her bachelor’s degree just last year in America and was a house for her summer vacations when the disaster hit.

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Meanwhile, the family members in Firozabad city, who are fighting with the catastrophe of Tarishi, have requested the Indian government to bring back her body. “We’re attempting to get details about her since we learned about assault as she’d gone for dinner with her buddies at that restaurant. The Government has discussed to Tarishi’s dad in Dhaka,” Annie Jain, Tarishi’s relative said.

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Apart from Tarishi, other dead people contain some Bangladeshi countries, some Japanese, South Koreans and eight Italians. The 12-hour-long hostage crisis at the cafe popular with foreigners finished morning killing six gunmen on Saturday. The security forces have held one assailant.

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Following the hostage crises, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina assured the citizens that her authorities would do everything to control militancy and violent extremism in the state and reiterated her vow to prevent terrorism and militancy in the state.

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Though it was reported that liability was claimed by the Islamic State on the strike, the US State Department has said it cannot be verified. The Islamic State has asserted several previous assaults through its media affiliates in Bangladesh, but the government has consistently refused the existence of the militant in the state.