Pakistan, Afghanistan, India is using to combat the Taliban. The big reveal CIA Director John Brennan private e-mail account has been hacked.

Brennan‘s private mail hacking WikiLeaks. Documents issued by WikiLeaks have revealed that India’s growing influence in Afghanistan to combat terrorists using Pakistan against India.

In Afghanistan, The Pakistan used Taliban against India.

The website WikiLeaks to disclosing the documents have been issued the report on Pakistan and Afghanistan. The document also discusses US policy for Iran.

Earthquake in Afghanistan, Earth stretcher from Srinagar to Delhi

CIA Director John Brennan hike from the personal email account, according to documents released by WikiLeaks revealed that Pakistan, India’s growing influence in Afghanistan to fight the terrorists who falsely used. CIA’s secret files released by whistleblower website that document and report on Afghanistan and Pakistan, the US policy toward Iran is also mentioned.

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US President Barack Obama in November 2008, three days after being elected as Brennan wrote in the strategic document that Pakistan Taliban in Afghanistan to counter is used. increase interest in working with the Taliban to build a relationship.

Hindus did not want to return PAKISTAN

Brennan then Obama‘s top foreign policy and fighting terrorism-related cases were consultants. At that time, his name was on the CIA director post. Leon Panetta handled by this office. His top anti-terror adviser Brennan, Obama initially appointed and nominated him as CIA director in January 2013.