How to Share a Folder in Windows Systems.

How to Share a Folder in Windows Systems If you have a home network or inside a corporate network, you can share your files with other computers in your house or share office documents with your co-workers. Having a shared folder is convenient for file exchange. You Can Share folder in home networking. Many File sharing sites in the web and I were telling you how to share a folder offline without any software. I will tell you how to file share in windows system. so scroll down and see below how to file share in windows systems.

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You don’t need to bring a blank CD or a flash drive to another computer to copy the files you need and bring back to your computer. In order for you to set up a shared folder, you need to have a home workgroup network setup or under the same domain inside a corporate.

You can follow these steps to setup a sharing folder.

How to Share a Folder in Windows Systems.

Step 1: Create a new folder, you can place inside the C drive, or you can put in on your desktop or inside your “My Documents” folder.

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Step 2: Now select the folder and right-click on it, choose “Properties”.
The folder properties window opens up.

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Step 3: On the top of the window, click on “Sharing” tab.
And select the radio button “Share this folder”. Then enter a name for the share name.

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Step 4: On the same window, click on “Permission” and the permission window will come up.
The default group or user names are Everyone, ofcourse you can add or remove another group or user by clicking the “Add” and “Remove” buttons.

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Step 5: In the permissions box, give proper permissions to each group or user: “Read” means to grant the user to read only, while “Change” grant to edit and “Full Control” means you grant access to read, edit and delete files within the shared folder.

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Step 6: Now to test your work: from Start, click on Run, enter the network path to the folder, normally looks like this: pcnamesharedfoldername.