Government Strict on Pollution in Delhi.

January 2016 in the capital, based on even and odd registration numbers of vehicles running on alternative days will be implemented. On the issue of pollution chief Arvind Kejriwal on Friday convened an emergency meeting, after which it is announced. If the decision is applicable from January in Delhi for a day even number will be on the streets the other day about the vehicle, such as 2,4,6,8 number 1,3,5 such vehicles will be allowed to run.

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This will halve the number of vehicles on the streets of Delhi every day because people will take their vehicles off the roads. The system can be exempted from the ambulances and official vehicles. Kejriwal government’s decision to come out with a mixed reception. Many people are questioning the system while many people believe that such a step to reduce pollution in the capital is essential.

The harsh remarks about increasing air pollution, the Delhi High Court of Delhi told the gas chamber. Green Tribunal court to reduce pollution in the capital and the government are under constant pressure.
Delhi government to curb pollution and a concrete time-bound plan to appear before the High Court. The number of vehicles running on alternative days this part of the plan may be decided.