France played the full match between the blasts, Beat world champion team.

France and Germany during the first half two fierce blasts outside the stadium, despite his friendship match tomorrow (football) which hosts world champion completed played 2-0. Later it became clear that these blasts yesterday evening in many places in the French capital were part of blasts and firing.

France IS in the air raid on Syria

Outside the National Stadium in Saint-Denis north of Paris, two large blasts. French President Fransua Oland were also present at the stadium. When they opened fire in central Paris and made Bataclan Knsrt reported to the mortgage on the site of the stadium went out shortly. Yet Stad de France in less than 80 thousand visitors and he showed out about events in each half and Andre-Pierre Olivier Girod Gignac enjoyed completing the round.

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Because of the tight security around the stadium after the final whistle has created confusion. A way to escape were limited and a large number of fans rushed onto the field, although they did not show any nervousness. Earlier, the West German team in the heart of Paris feared the bomb was placed on the second place. Yet the match was played. The two teams last July in Rio de Kaneria first match since the World Cup quarter-final was. Germany won the match 1-0.