Dear Maggie Fans,maggie baned in stores

We regret to tell you that our maggie was ban sales from stores by Delhi government. A deadly mainstream kind of Indian noodle has been banned in Delhi after large amounts of lead were found in clusters of the snack.Settle said in a late articulation that it painstakingly tests its items and had discovered Maggie noodles and emphasized the ease of instant noodles cooking Nestle’s “two-minute” advertising campaign in India has made it a household name.Delhi government bans sales of maggie noodles from stores.

Nestle ‘s Maggie organically but is increasing day by day. Why not, after all, far more than even the standard established that the amount of lead has been searched. According to report published in TOI, Nestle Food scandal is not the first and last company is caught in a scandal food stuck in the past, many companies have.maggie is the most popular noodle in India. and it’s broken all records with comparison in other noodles.

Maggie temporary ban in four states-“Tamil-Nadu,Gujarat,Jammu & Kashmir,Uttarakhand”

last week 13 samples of maggie noodles taking analysis by Delhi Government, and 10 samples were found unsafe having lead exceeding the prescribed limits.

The country’s famous noodles Maggie bad days are beginning. Nestle company’s Maggie Fell in Delhi has been found on food standards.The Delhi government Nestle case as well as on the company is planning to put a ban on it. Being told, Nestle Government officials also can send a summons. Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain about the matter, company executives are meeting with.”The health minister has choose to start an argument against the organization for offering dangerous item and fine the organization for misbranding of an item,” it said. Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said 10 in 13 examples of Maggie noodles sent for testing were found to have abundance measure of lead.