Rahul Gandhi, The Congress Party scored a clash between the old guard and the new heads of state while rejecting the things that party leaders on Friday sent on compulsory leave and the “Guiding System” does not believe in putting.

Congress: We do not send senior leaders on compulsory leave.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala told reporters, to rebuild the party Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi’s leaders need to both young and experienced. “He also tried to create the impression that the organization Everything is fine and the young and the old leaders are working together”.

Surjewala Mumbai Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam was asked to respond to the complaint that the new PCC chiefs are facing opposition from the old guard who are engaged in shaping the organizational structure. Nirupam party overcomes its crisis-filled day to help veterans requested to adopt the new leadership.

Surjewala party to move the organization forward in the right number and the needs of young and experienced leaders, youth leaders has been assigned the mature leader.