8-year-old Child made 'Magic Wand' for grandmother

Our house, our elderly are your responsibility. We are always concerned about their elderly feels that are where he is, where he is on the move should not fall or from the time that they have the medicines or not. But now there is no need to worry because the young maestro made innovation a friend whom you can say of the elderly.

The Delhi-based 8-year-principle Khanna created the magic wand of 2015, for which Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Insight Award has been awarded. These smart walking stick for the elderly actually have a friend who always looked after him.

Sailor’s son and president of the Missile Man APJ ABDUL KALAM

Keeping in mind the principle of the nanny state has created a smart stick causing any accident will be ringing alarm condition exists and stick to someone else who will get help to use. Smart Stick one of these friendships will also honor and duty. It also will remind stick elderly’s time to take their medication, when the timer takes care of putting the stick and take medicines as soon as the time set in this alarm arises.

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Security and health care, as well as the stick, is placed in full of comfort. It started in the dark with a flashlight is also easily searchable way. The stick is also quite comfortable. It is these attributes that make this innovation one of the country’s most spectacular innovation was elected, but the principle is the dream that they have the magic wand in the hands of all the elderly who need it.