Bus Fell Hill in Baragdh (Himachal Pradesh) 8 dead.

Himachal Pradesh: Killar from Chamba being Transport Corporation bus (HP 36 C 5011) on Thursday, nearly a kilometer behind Baragdh Chalong turn unruly and fell in about 150 feet deep gorge. Eight people died in the accident on the spot and one died while being taken to the hospital. Eight people were injured, including the driver and conductor. Everyone was taken to Hospital pique. The doctors first aid after the driver and conductor have been referred to the regional hospital in Chamba. Administration on behalf of the families of the dead and injured to 10-10 rupees five thousand have been immediate relief. However, the transport corporation on behalf of the families of the dead and injured to 10-10 rupees five thousand have been immediate relief.

Thursday morning, around five o’clock Transport Corporation bus, belonged to Killar from Chamba. About a kilometer from the point reached behind Baragdh Clunj route was woeful. Around one o’clock PWD road workers reinstated. Then the driver asked to disembark the passengers. Some passengers got off and just sat there. When the bus driver drove the tires from sliding about 150 feet deep gorge fell. There are 108 standing passengers informed ambulances, police, and the Divisional administration and began rescue operations. On receipt legislator HR, administrative officers and 108 ambulances have rushed to the spot. Local shopkeeper ¨DPL Kukreja contributed to the injured to the hospital. Eight people on the bus were killed on the spot. The injured was taken to hospital pique a passenger died on the way. Repique six injured are undergoing treatment at the hospital, the doctors have been referred to hospital Chamba driver and operator. SDM relique Hitesh free, Naib Lighting Co Nariyal and Transport Corporation Chamba Depot regional manager Anup Rana pique ask about the welfare of the injured at the Hospital.

Dead Roll

Sulochana (53) wife Negi Pritmas village, Beas Dev (27) son of Bhagat Ram village Naguin (Sluni), Reena (33) wife Jagdish village Monded (Baijnath), Chand Ram (62) son Parja Bnjradhu village, Mandei (40) Wife Brod village Bisndas Lahaul Spiti, Part Co (34) son of Ram village Luinda Seikoti Thava, lighted red village Secu (Pangi), Dev Co son Parja Devikoti Ram village, endurance (12) Chamba son Krishna.

The List of Injured

Manjeer Begum daughter Jnhu Laldin village, Ramesh Kumar son loved Devikoti co village, operators agree to Sanjeev Kumar son Nanak Chand village, Bldwadha Mandi, driver hemraj, AYUSH son Shiv Kumar village Luddu bawdy house, Ctro Ram Ram village Banja Ktvadh son, Kisna goddess wife Shiv Kumar village Luddu bawdy house, Mina wife Kamal Kumar Ganl Luddu bawdy house.