The Chicago Bulls traded Derrick Rose away before this offseason. The move Jose Calderon, Robin Lopez, and second-year point guard Jerian Grant. It was a hint of hitting the reset button despite the fact that trade rumors around Butler continued.

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The Bulls needed to locate an add-on this offseason to sell buffs on to feign they were attempting to make progress with this roll. Occasionally that sort of move just means finding a name casual enthusiasts understand. The second year of the contract is partly guaranteed.

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Bulls accept signal Rondo, and Jimmy Butler can't unhappy

Butler and the Bulls agreed to some five-year deal last summer that pays a ton of cash to him. Rose makes sense.

Chicago can also be losing Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol, but the acquisition of Lopez on a more affordable deal at least decreases the blow of those expert departures. But the inclusion of Rondo and unable to make progress with more high-priced, better choices in the free agent marketplace will be a tough sell to Butler.

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The move is all probably about the Bulls keeping limit flexibility. They’re over-committing to future deals and can maybe make a run afterward. But a year that is wasted is a wasted year for Butler however you slice it.

He averaged a double-double with points and assists a year ago. He gets bargains, but he does not play a lick of defense. And he is not the expert voice you’ll need in a locker room that has been so bellicose this previous season.

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It may not be fair to compare both scenarios, but the Bulls were frustrated with each other last season and Hoiberg while the Sacramento Kings were frustrated with their locker room problems and George Karl. Rondo in Sacramento didn’t solve Those issues.

Bulls accept signal Rondo, and Jimmy Butler can't unhappy

But you are still adding possibility lighter fluid from what’s fast becoming a dumpster fire. Rondo is a name that is recognizable, and he will get assists. Management will sell it as helping the team in the short-term while preserving flexibility. Will Butler begin trying to find a way out and feel like he is wasted two seasons since his new contract started?

Bulls accept signal Rondo, and Jimmy Butler can't unhappy

Should the Bulls only blow the whole thing up and do what they likely should’ve realized around the draft, which would be to say transfer Butler for a group of assets that can hasten the rebuilding process? Rondo isn’t the player. Getting him isn’t the move to ensure Butler the future is in great hands.