Best score of Bangladesh against India.Mirpur- India first ODI series on home turf at spank that Bangladesh team score of 307 runs twice world champ team test is the best score so far thanks to the host team in Bangladesh against India before the series 310 runs career Spank. In this match, the Indian opener Dhawan and Rohit Sharma pair of 2027 run completed partnership.

Both batsmen added a third Indian duo who make more than 2,000 runs in partnership. Earlier, Sachin Tendulkar and Ganguly, Saurabh pair of Tendulkar and Sehwag scored the run and 6609, 3913 is created. Mustaphijur best performance in his debut test runs before Rahman was taken five wickets 50 which are Bangladesh’s second best performance in his debut. Before the year 2014, India’s debut match against critical task in 28 runs at five wickets was taken.

Best score of Bangladesh against India.

Best score runs by Bangladesh in the match against India. which made 307 in his best ODI score. This five years ago, Bangladesh in 2010 in Dhaka against India created their best score of 296. Although the past eight matches against India and Bangladesh in seven of the more than 250 had scores of faces defeat on creating. The batsmen’s second best performance this is the second time when Bangladesh’s top seven batsmen made runs against India are made more than 30. Bangladesh’s batsmen had earlier didn’t show it against any team while this is the second time when Bangladesh openers have a score of more than 50 against India.

This is the second time when Mirpur’s Shere Bangla national stadium to host India in a losing team. Bangladesh’s ODI against India in 79 runs it is the largest and top eight countries against other big wins. Bangladesh has scored 160 on the West Indies in opening in 2012 ‘s biggest win was recorded. Bangladesh wins it on home ninth. He earlier Zimbabwe 5-0, beat Pakistan 3-0 in three-match series was 1-0 against India’s edge is created. benign Government and Tamim Iqbal made for 102 run partnership against India in the ODI Bangladesh’s pair of best performance. India runs the previous best partnership against 80 in 2010. and Bangladesh has 13.1 overs were completed in 79 runs for 100 balls a top eight team his second fastest score. In 2005, Bangladesh had scored 73 balls against Zimbabwe were created 100.