Anushka Sharma said no one can stop me to watch Virat Kohli's match

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and Team India captain Virat Kohli friendship are always in the spotlight. Then Kohli’s birthday or Harbhajan Singh’s wedding celebration. The couple appeared together goes.

But the one thing that gets to listen to repeatedly. He also discusses what the gossip in the corridors is at its peak when it is on the field Anushka flops are so vast. About Anushka said that no one can stop them from watching the match.

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Anushka said either of those things might not hear and watch. Or do they make my mind? I am in a relationship with the infinite. He wants me to come see the match then I hear someone’s why”.

Anushka said, “was the first, I also felt that maybe it happens. But later realized that it is not”.

Anushka Sharma  is busy These days the film “E Dil hai Mushkil” shooting.