Anupam Kher went to JNU campus To promote the film Buddha in a Traffic Jam

His new film “Buddha in a Traffic Jam” at the JNU campus, Anupam Kher, who himself made a special show. The show, at a time when the student Omar and Anirban JNUSU were celebrating on bail. Kher missed not make political statements. He has been granted bail sarcasm, saying that if anyone in his acclamation Why is a campus.

Kajol revealed to her Secrets in The show of Anupam Kher

Left organizations, students answer them not to delay. Anupam Kher was present on the platform stood a few meters away from the “Go-Go Anupam Kher” slogans and alleged that the debate on nationalism in the wrong direction are taking deliberate, Anupam Kher. At the behest of the BJP-RSS are controversies. Obviously the chance of promotion of the film, but an ideology promoted by Anupam Kher not miss Going.