Anonymous declares 'at war' vs Islamic State, Hacktivist group confirms.

French war against the Islamic state but also in the cyber world, It will not be waged on the plains.

Anonymous Hackers their Heinous acts in Paris last week led to the killing of 129 people on the instructions of the terrorist organization unleash waves of cyber attacks are bracing for.

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In a video posted on YouTube, a person in the group’s signature Guy Fawkes mask “bugs” or referred to as pests attackers and they would hunt down the perpetrators of the terrorist group said:- “These attacks are not innocent,” the man said in French. “We are going to start a campaign against the greatest ever. Expect many cyber attacks. War has been declared. Get ready.”

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Said the man in the mask, as Anonymous, an international network of activist computer Hackers, too, finally left a warning: “We do not forgive We do not forget.”

The Group tweeted GroupAnon your account, make no mistake: #Anonymous #Daesh is at war with. We will not stop protesting #IslamicState. We are also better Hackers. #OpISIS

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France (Monday in Manila) on Sunday launched massive air strikes Raqqa, Syria ordered the Islamic state’s de- facto camp. The raid in a jihadist training camp for 20 to 12 planes used to drop bombs and ammunition dump.